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Starting to Get Started

March 31, 2011


I don’t know about you, but I start most of my plants from seed.  There are plenty of places to get starter plants, but very few places to get Organic Starters.  I do sometimes pick these up at the Co-op, but you have more varieties to choose from when working with seed.  This is especially […]

A Force of Nature

March 27, 2011


There has been an upset on the cactus front.  I came home last night to find that my dear sweet horror of a cat had knocked my cactus farm asunder.  Luckily the little greenhouse enclosure had kept most of the soil and seeds from escaping.  I spread it all out on a sheet of paper […]

My Cactus Farm

March 25, 2011


On Wednesday afternoon I received a Cactus Farm in the mail.  This isn’t as strange as it sounds, as I had ordered a cactus farm a few days earlier and I was expecting one to show up.  It is still much too cold to plant anything outside here, especially after the recent snowstorm, and I […]

How much dirt do you need?

March 19, 2011


For this year’s garden I need about 8 cubic feet of potting soil and another two cubic feet of peat moss or compost.  How did I come to this conclusion?  Math. What? Math in gardening?  Yup.  It turns out there really is a use for that stuff. Every year I need to freshen up the […]

Almond Tea Cakes

March 16, 2011


These little cookies are adapted from one of my (maternal) Grandmother’s recipes.  Their richness means they go perfectly with tea or coffee. 1 cup butter, softened 2 cups ground almonds 2 cups sifted flour 1/2 cup sugar 1 Tbsp water 1 tsp vanilla powdered sugar, about 1 cup Chop your almonds using a nut grinder […]

Champagne Floats

March 15, 2011


Or rather, raspberry sorbet floats.  In champagne.  It’s simple, its classy, it’s delicious. There are only two ingredients, raspberry sorbet and champagne.  (The sorbet should be dairy-free.)  If you don’t like the taste of either ingredient by itself you won’t like it in the drink.  Buy your favorite brand of both, this is a celebration […]

Where do we go from here?

March 13, 2011


This is the third part of my series on GMOs.  Originally the series ended here, but now with unlimited virtual space at my disposal, I’m thinking about exploring the topic further.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy this installment: Making the decision to include or exclude Genetically Modified (GM) food from your diet can […]