Champagne Floats

Posted on March 15, 2011


Or rather, raspberry sorbet floats.  In champagne.  It’s simple, its classy, it’s delicious.

There are only two ingredients, raspberry sorbet and champagne.  (The sorbet should be dairy-free.)  If you don’t like the taste of either ingredient by itself you won’t like it in the drink.  Buy your favorite brand of both, this is a celebration after all.  At least, if you’re drinking one of these it should be!

First take your raspberry sorbet out of the freezer and set it on the counter.  The few minutes it takes you to get everything else together will give it time to soften up just a little bit.  Next grab your champagne flutes (one bottle will make about 6 drinks), a melon-baller (or a metal 1/2 Tbsp), and a mug or prep bowl full of hot water.  Place the melon-baller or measuring spoon in the hot water.  Now you can open the champagne.  If you have trouble try throwing a hand towel over the bottle and slowly twisting the cork as you pull it out.

Now you can assemble your deliciously classy beverage/dessert.  Fill each champagne flute about 3/4 full.  Carefully scoop out a nice round portion of sorbet and gently drop it into the champagne.  Repeat for each glass.  You will get a delightful gathering of bubbles around the sorbet but it should hold its shape pretty well.   Within a few minutes the champagne will start to go pink.

Don’t worry about utensils.  Just keep sipping your drink with the sorbet in there, by the time you get to the bottom of the glass you can just drink the sorbet.  It will be slightly frothy, very light, and really tasty.

Here are two regular glasses of champagne, just for contrast.

The glasses are 3/4 full and the sorbet is soft. Almost ready.

Grab that warm spoon and scoop away.


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