The Garden: Day 1 (Take Two)

Posted on April 25, 2011


Ok, I promised you pictures, so here they are:

Only two peas and two Brandywine tomatoes came up before mold claimed the planter. You can see discolored spots all across the top surface.

There are several types of mold on the outside of the planter.

There is more on the inside row of planting cells.

The mold is pretty much everywhere.

I think I’m going to cut free the few cells that sprouted and try to replant those lucky seedlings in another container.  In the meantime my garden is behind schedule, so I picked up some jiffy peat pellets and replanted everything in my trusty old plastic greenhouse.

Dry pellets in a dry tray, soon to be home to a bevy of organic sprouts.

This time I used a leftover plastic party plate to label the potential seedlings.

As a final anti-mold Unicorn Chaser let me present to you…  A second (slightly blurry) baby cactus!

Yay! Tiny cactus!

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