Green and Growing

Posted on May 7, 2011


I’ve been out of town this week.  That meant leaving my delicate little garden in the hands of a babysitter.  Luckily my husband was willing to take on the task.  My instructions were clear and my hopes were high, but I had no real way of knowing what I would find when I returned.

The few surviving sprouts from Planting Number 1 did not do particularly well.  Only peas remain.  Still, these plants were already at a disadvantage, and any that make it to maturity will be a bonus.

Planting Number 2 did much better:

Nearly all the seeds have germinated.  Only the three sunflowers and one Cosmonaut Volkov tomato haven’t yet begun to grow.  So far the peas and cantaloupes are doing especially well.  Within the next three weeks I hope to be transplanting these little starters and moving them outside.  At that point I should also be able to direct sow some herbs and flowers- transforming my little upstairs apartment into a mini-produce department of my very own.

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