Sticky Brown Eco Rice

Posted on May 11, 2011


At my house, we like rice.  Our favorite is probably sushi rice, but we also enjoy long grain brown rice, purple sticky rice, arborio, and sometimes just plain white rice.  When the opportunity to try a new rice arises, I take it.  (Yeah, I’m a total food geek.)  So I was pretty excited when I went into work a few weeks ago and discovered a new arrival: Eco-Farmed Short Grain Brown Rice.  It’s a sweet rice, the kind mochi is made of, so I was especially curious to check it out.

Like most rice it’s super easy to cook.  Just bring two cups of water to a boil, add one cup of rice, turn down to a simmer, and cook (covered) until the rice is done.  Lundberg suggests this rice should be cooked for 50 minutes, but I like mine a tiny bit chewy so I pulled it off the heat after only 30.  Then I stirred in a can of black beans (rinsed) and let the rice rest for 10 more minutes.  By itself the rice is creamy, sticky, and a little chewy.  There is a slight sweetness that would probably work really well in a dessert or porridge.

It’s not really a traditional use of this rice, but once it had cooled a bit I added taco seasoning and served the mixture with tortillas, salsa, onions, cheddar, and hot sauce.  Yum.  I will be using this rice again.

Uncooked it looks a lot like a brown sushi rice.

Cooked rice with black beans.

If you have any suggestions on how to use short grain brown rice I would love to hear them!  Any dessert recipes using rice would be particularly wonderful.

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