And so it goes…

Posted on May 15, 2011


Thursday, when the pool beds went in, it was bright, sunny, and nearly 80 degrees out.  The last two days it has been wet, cold, and closer to 50.  Today was supposed to be a gardening day, but the weather convinced me otherwise.  While it was way too cool for the planting I had in mind, I still wanted to make some gardening progress.  So today became beautification day!

I’ve decided to expand this year’s container garden beyond my balcony and into the area immediately beyond my front door.  This means the containers will be in the public eye.  They don’t need full on bedazzling, but I thought that a little dressing up couldn’t hurt.  Since they will need to stand up to hot sun and heavy rain I decided on indoor\outdoor spray paint.  It’s not as environmentally friendly as I might have liked, but it should be durable enough to last several years without a touch up.



It’s no Sistine Chapel, but it ought to beautify my front stoop, especially once they are filled with tomatoes, peas, and cantaloupe!

I also made a quick trip out to check on the pool garden.  It was damp from the rain, but the lack of sun over the last few days means there haven’t been any sprouts yet.  The netting is so far undisturbed by local wildlife.  I’m hoping that with a bit more rain and the warmer weather predicted for the middle of this week I’ll have something to show you in a few days.  In the meantime I’ll be in the kitchen- trying to get green paint off of my fingers.

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