It’s All Coming Together

Posted on May 22, 2011


Yesterday before work I decided to squeeze in a little bit of gardening.  All the little starters came out of their sheltered indoor haven and got new homes in my Apartment Garden.  There are now 9 5-gallon buckets, 3 2-gallon buckets, 5 little terra cotta pots, and one really big pot.  The balcony now houses herbs, three varieties of tomatoes, hot peppers, cantaloupe, and a few types of greens.  There is a simple trellis net strung up along the railing.  I just can’t help but get a little giddy thinking about the future tomatoes…

I’ve got two little tomato plants that still need homes, but everything else has been planted, including one lonely sunflower.

Since it was so hot out today (in the 80s) I also needed to pay a visit to the pool garden.  Despite the rain we’ve had over the last few days I decided to bring water along, in case the beds were dry.  I didn’t have a wheelbarrow or a wagon or anything, so I decided to fill three empty two-liters with water, and carry them over in my messenger bag.  They were much lighter on the return trip!

There is finally some sprouting action going on in the kiddie pools.  Accomplice number one has a host of bean sprouts.  Accomplice number two has a forest of kale and a scattering of spinach.  I have a few kale and spinach sprouts, but hopefully, after today’s watering, more will follow.

Finally I tucked my two remaining cantaloupes into the soil.  One in my bed, and one in the bed of accomplice number one.  They each got a heavy watering, and then I tucked them safely back under the bird netting.

Now all that remains is watering and waiting.

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