Things are heating up.

Posted on June 5, 2011


So far June has been dry and windy.  There have been casualties.  Temperatures have climbed into the eighties this week, and that did in the two pool garden cantaloupes.  Intense winds on Tuesday and Wednesday took out two of my tomatoes, both Cherokee Purples.  Still, it’s not all bad.  My herbs have started coming in nicely, the irises are blooming, there are sprouts in the flower beds, and two eggplants and a cauliflower have taken over for the unlucky cantaloupe.  I also planted some additional spinach and kale to make up for not watering the first bunch.

Here’s a look at how the pool gardens are faring:

This one is mine, hopefully things will begin to fill in now that I've started to water it regularly.

Accomplice 1: Beans are doing well and she just put in some squash plants. I added a broccoli just for fun.

Accomplice 2: The spinach and kale are doing well and the peppers have started sprouting. No luck yet with the onions.


In addition to all the sprouts, this week also brought me a CSA update.  It came in the form of a handwritten letter, rather than an email or blog post, as the farm in question is Amish.  They do not have a greenhouse, so the first pick-up won’t be for a week or two yet.  Even so they wanted to let me (and presumably their other subscribers) know that seedlings were going into the ground, and the garden is well on its way.   This farm also produces poultry (chicken and turkey), and I have to make a decision in the next week if I want to reserve any for later in the summer.  I really have to plan ahead here, because this is probably the only chicken I will buy all year.  I trust the source, and the prices are pretty good, but all I have is one of those tiny freezers on top of my fridge.  I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers, order big, and buy less ice cream!

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