The First CSA

Posted on June 25, 2011


You may have noticed my absence over the last week and a half, if you did, it’s because I’ve been on vacation.  Or rather, if you noticed it’s because you’ve been looking for new posts, but I’ve been gone because I was on vacation.  I’m sorry about the lack of posts during, but now there will be quite a few about, so hopefully it all evens out.

The first thing I’ve just got to tell you about is the great and shining wonder that is the first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pick-up of the season.  This year the pool garden accomplices and I have signed up for a CSA run by an Amish family.  Since they do not drive, there is no delivery and we have to go out to the farm to pick up our shares.  I don’t have any pictures of the farm itself yet, but hopefully I can get permission to take some over the next few weeks.  The drive out is really beautiful, though some of the roads are shoulder-less and unpaved.

Here are two full shares, laid out on my dining room table.

This week we received butter crunch lettuce, red leaf lettuce, beet greens, green onions, radishes, strawberries, basil, mint, parsley, chives, broccoli, and homemade bread. The scale in the middle was for figuring out exactly how much two-thirds weighed.

We have three families splitting two shares, so we each get two-thirds of a share.  Last year my husband and purchased a whole share, and it was really more food than we could handle.  After the first split, two-thirds seems like the perfect amount.  Hopefully next week will be just as satisfying.

Another lesson I learned from last year’s CSA is the importance of processing.  Last year I just shoved everything into the fridge and prepped the veggies as I used them.  At the end of the week I usually found myself running around trying to give extra veggies to my neighbors.  This year I decided to plan ahead a bit better.  I got out my cutting board, invested in some large (but pretty affordable) tupperware, and got down to business.  It took me about an hour and a half to take care of everything, but it cut my prep time for the rest of the week to almost zero.  So far it’s working really well.  And my husband is much less frightened by the state of the fridge.  At the end of the week I’m going to throw whatever is left into the dehydrator.

My, mostly, organized fridge.

So far this week’s share has resulted in some tasty salads, simple stir-frys, and one pasta dish.  I’ll be sharing the tastiest of the recipes with you, so stay tuned!



Please enjoy this bonus cat picture:

It turns out that my cat is a big fan of green onions. He wouldn't stay away from them the whole time we were unpacking things, weighing them out, or while I was prepping them. Who knew?