The First Harvest

Posted on July 2, 2011


At about 9:40pm on Friday, the 1st of July in the year 2011, I walked out to the pool garden and harvested my first bunch of greens.  Of course, I should have harvested them a week ago, but I haven’t had time.  Also, it was starting to get dark, so you’ll have to forgive my use of a flash.

Accomplice 1's beans are getting pretty tall, they've even been growing out through the bird netting.

Accomplice 2 has already harvested some spinach, and it looks like the kale will be ready soon.

My spinach and kale have gotten pretty tall. It was hard to tell in the dark, but the eggplants are getting to be a pretty respectable size too.

Here it is, the official first harvest. I only picked about a third of the greens. The rest should keep better in the ground than they would in the fridge.


Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll show you what I did with these delicious green beauties!

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