Tomato Time!

Posted on July 12, 2011


On Sunday evening, for the first time in nearly a week, I got to spend some time with my tomatoes.  It was really quite lovely.  To start, I filled their reservoirs right to the top, making sure to use lukewarm water.  They gave off that lovely green tomato smell.  Then it was time to prune the suckers.

That second branch at the fork off the main stem is a sucker.

I’ve actually never bothered with pruning my tomatoes before, but I’ve never grown this many plants in a space this small before either.  Here’s an interesting article on the process and why you might choose to do it.  My plants had quite a few suckers of varying sizes.

This sucker was still very little.

After trimming all seven potted tomatoes (I used kitchen shears for the larger ones.) I had a pretty decent sized pile of cuttings.  None of them were quite large enough to try rooting though.

I was careful not to remove any suckers that already had blossoms on them.

Finally each of the tomatoes got a calcium tablet in their reservoir.  The calcium helps prevent those dry brown spots tomatoes sometimes get on the bottom.

Have an expired bottle of calcium supplements around the house? Give them to your tomatoes!

While Sunday was tomato time, I’m hoping it will be pepper time pretty soon too.  My hot thai peppers have started to show a collection of lovely white blossoms.  I’m especially thrilled about this because last year they didn’t blossom at all.

I wonder exactly how hot my hot thai peppers are going to be...

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