Adventures in Foraging

Posted on September 13, 2011


Sunday afternoon Accomplice 1 and I went out to do some foraging.  There is a large and apparently unloved apple tree near where we live, and it seemed a shame to let all those apples go to waste.  (Foraging tip, don’t pick right by the side of the road, whatever runs off the road gets soaked up by anything with roots.)

Looking up at the tree from my short human position...

Between the two of us we probably picked 30 pounds of apples.  There were many more, but the rest are still a bit under ripe.


More apples.

If you plan on doing any foraging of your own, I suggest you consider investing in a fruit picker.  Especially if you happen to be quite short.

Extend your reach.

After we got done with the apples, we decided to take a walk around and see what else we could find.  If you can identify any of this stuff I would love to know what it is…

These remind me of currants, but the plants were the size of small trees.

These little guys looked like a cross between apples and cherries, but with a twist.

A long thorny twist.

After wandering in nature or awhile, we went to check on the pool gardens.  My eggplants were looking pretty good, and I ended up picking them, along with some kale.

Mmmmm... Eggplants!

Accomplice 1 actually had a nice crop of beans in her pool, as well as some tiny squash, which we left for later.

Accomplice 2's pool yielded some very healthy Winterbore kale.

On the way home with our bounty, we stopped to sample some wild grapes.  (I forgot to get a picture.)  Finally, despite the cool weather, my flowers are doing quite well.

My nasturtiums are still going strong. I will definitely be planting these again next year.

I was starting to wonder if my cosmos would ever bloom...

All in all it was a lovely day of foraging.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did!


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