March 27th

Posted on March 1, 2012


March 27th is the very last day you can comment on the petition to have the FDA label foods containing GMO ingredients.  If you would like to contact the FDA directly the docket number is FDA-2011-P-0723-0001/CP.  If you want to comment right this second, go here.  There have been more that 800,000 signatures so far, and there is a real chance that we could reach a total of 1 million comments by the cut-off date.  In order to make that happen though everyone needs to help.  If you haven’t already signed please take just a moment of your time and do so now.  Even if you have signed you can help by sharing this post, or a link to the official website, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or anywhere else you think people will see it.  This is our best chance to really reform our current food system and let manufacturers know that we really do care what we’re eating.  So please, step up and make them pay attention.  Every signature counts.  Especially yours.