Let’s Get This Garden Started (Part 2)

Posted on March 15, 2012


Yesterday I told you about the taming of the Wild Shrubbery in my flower bed.  Today we’re going to rewind a bit and talk about Sunday afternoon.  I know this is all out of chronological order, but please bear with me.

Some of you may remember the strange mold problems I had when starting seeds last year.  After that unsuccessful attempt at using coconut fiber, I switched back to the trusty old peat pellets I’ve used since I was a kid.  Peat is pretty unsustainable though, so this year I’m trying something different.  Enter The Pot Maker.  The Pot Maker is exactly what it sounds like, a little contraption for making seed starting pots.  All you need is the simple wooden form (I found mine on Amazon, they aren’t available locally.) and some kind of newsprint or other food safe paper.  You just cut the paper to size, 3.5″ by 10″, wrap it around the form, tuck the edges under, and press the second piece against it to create a tight base.  Here, I’ll show you:

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*Accomplice 1 discovered the seam folding trick and the twisting maneuver.

I’ve heard other people mention that they had a hard time pulling the finished pots off of the form.  That isn’t something we experienced, even when wrapping the paper tightly, probably because the wood had a very smooth finish to it.  It’s possible that other company’s versions have a dull finish, making it harder to remove the pot, but I’m not sure.  We easily made 183 pots in an afternoon while chatting and generally enjoying ourselves.  If you get a chance to try one of these out, I highly suggest that you try it.

That’s all for tonight, but stayed tuned for more about this week’s garden adventures, including marking out plots at Campus Grow and gardening by the moon.