Gardening by the Moon

Posted on March 30, 2012


This last week has been very busy, but I did manage to get some gardening done, despite the chilly turn our weather has taken in Michigan.  This year I’m trying a new method to time my plantings, called gardening by the moon.  My Grandmother recommends it, and I trust her gardening advice.  To that end, I purchased this calendar, which lays everything out really beautifully.  Of course, given my location I chose the short season.  After comparing the information in the calendar with my schedule and the projected date for the last frost in my area (check the Old Farmers Almanac for your dates), I decided to start planting on Sunday.  Using the paper pots the Accomplices and I made a few weeks ago, two old Jiffy trays, and a bag of Happy Frog, I started 72 plants.

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6 Czech Bush tomatoes, 6 Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes, 6 Green Sausage tomatoes, 8 Cosmonaut Volkov tomatoes, 8 purple eggplants, 8 Thai peppers, 14 Red Romaine lettuces, and 16 purple basil plants.  Delicious.

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