Pretty Little Carrots, All in a Row

Posted on April 11, 2012


On Sunday I planted carrots.  First I divided the bed in two with a small fence, as the other half will eventually be planted in melons.  I had left my measuring tape in another coat, but luckily I had two 4 foot poles in the car and was able to estimate the row spacing fairly accurately.  (My hand is approximately six inches long from wrist to finger tips.  Three of my fingers are about two inches wide.  Measure your own hand sometime and you’ll never be without a measuring device!)

After planting the Paris Market Carrots I covered the rows in a thin layer of sand.  Carrots like sandy soil and germinate better covered with sand than covered with soil.  I watered them lightly and then covered the bed with a fluffy layer of straw to combat any spring frosts.  After tucking them in with the garden blanket I left them to their business.

(This is my first time planting carrots all on my own and I’m really excited!)

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(Please forgive the photo quality, I forgot my camera again and had to use my phone instead.)