Oh the Places You’ll Eat!

Posted on May 12, 2012


I haven’t been posting much lately, but I’ve got a good one for you today.  I spent part of this week in Portland, OR.  I’ve never been there before and it was a really amazing opportunity to visit a new part of the country.  Given my personal interests, it was also a good opportunity to appreciate a variety of new foods.  Due to varying light levels and the necessity of using a flash, some of the pictures are better than others.  I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway.  Here are some of the delicious dishes I had in Portland:

This was the first thing I had; a mushroom burger from the Red Tavern. It was flavorful and had a great texture, though I found out later it did contain TVP. The salad was very fresh.

Edited 5/13/12 to note: This restaurant was actually called Red Star, not Red Tavern.

This hummus and pita was also from the Red Tavern. The hummus was extremely light and creamy, and the pita had a really unique flavor because they used peanut oil instead of canola to lightly fry it.

I grabbed a quick breakfast at Powell’s books. The crispy mushroom/cheddar/bacon/egg tart was the perfect finger food to enjoy while people watching and browsing a few of Powell’s innumerable volumes.

Portland has a plethora of food carts. I stopped at a cart called Sip outside People’s Food Co-op and had a delicious carrot/apple/ginger/kale/lemon juice. As the sign said, “Always vegan, organic, awesome.”

The Thai Peacock had a wonderful menu and very courteous staff. My dinner of vegetable coconut soup and sticky rice was delicious.

This was probably my favorite meal of the trip. Two shredded beef tacos from Santeria. I cannot begin to describe the flavor. Just wow. They had a great vegan/vegetarian selection too. If you ever get a chance to go, do it.

This dinner was from Saucebox. The chicken was cooked with coconut and the drippings reduced to a gorgeous gravy. The white potato looking stuff was pureed celery root. The textures and flavors were all spot on.

Voodoo Doughnut is almost a required stop in Portland. I’m not a huge sugary treat fan, so I just had a plain cake doughnut. It was tasty, but I thought you might find this display case a bit more interesting.

My last stop before heading out of town was the Bijou Cafe. It was a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and whole wheat toast, done very well.

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