Things I Ate in Ann Arbor

Posted on June 28, 2012


I’ve been off traveling again, in another great food city.  I ate more meat than usual, mostly because they actually care about sourcing in Ann Arbor, so I can feel comfortable with the treatment these animals received before becoming my dinner.  That said, I’m really enjoying the possibilities presented by weekly CSA pick-ups, so expect some tasty vegan and vegetarian recipes in the near future.  In the meantime, here’s what I ate on vacation:

The first thing I had was a fresh juice from Seva.

In addition to the juice I had some red pepper hummus with crackers and veggies. Seva’s menu is all vegetarian/vegan and everything I’ve had there has been delicious. Including the giant burrito my husband ordered…

After eating we headed downstairs to the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase for drinks, laughs, and unlimited popcorn.

After the show I wanted a snack, so I had some smashed potatoes at Blue Tractor, but they were so good I ate them all before I got around to taking the picture.

The next afternoon we got juice at Seva again, since it was so good the first time.

For dinner we went to Casey’s Tavern. My burger was seriously underdone, but the fries were quite good, and when the waitress eventually came back to check on us she did take the burger off the bill.

We grabbed lunch to go from the People’s Food Co-op. It was fun to try out another Co-op’s deli. They had a good selection of omnivorous, vegetarian, and vegan options, as well as a hot bar and baked goods.

After lunch we caught some of the events at the Summer Festival (we didn’t know it was going on when we planned our trip, but it was a nice coincidence) and then headed to Pacific Rim for dinner.  It was such an event it gets a post of its own.

If you’ve ever made juice of your own, you know how great it is not to have to clean the machine afterwards. So we went for juice again, this time at the People’s Food Co-op. If they don’t have the fruit or veggie you want on the menu, they’ll go and get it from the produce department.

Later we stopped for an ice cream cone at Kilwin’s. I had a waffle cone with chocolate peanut butter and Ann Arbor Mud. It’s the first time I’ve had an honest-to-goodness ice cream cone in years, and it was delicious.

Tea at Crazy Wisdom was a lovely way to relax in the afternoon.

This was actually my husband’s dinner, but the picture turned out well, so I wanted to share it anyway. This was one of the Mac & Cheese dishes from Blue Tractor.

I usually eat vegetarian at Blue Tractor (they have some very tasty options), but on this occasion I decided to try the brisket. It was actually very good.

On the way out of town we got stuck in a rainstorm and decided to duck into the Co-op for one last juice. It was really refreshing. If you ever get a chance to try their Energy Bomb, I suggest you do.