Tomato Spectacular

Posted on July 10, 2012


I love growing tomatoes.  I love the scent of the plants, the shape of the leaves, the way they branch and grow, and of course, the tomatoes themselves.  I grow tomatoes on my porch in self-watering containers.  That way there’s no weeding, and no matter how busy I am, it’s easy to make time to keep them watered.

This year I’m trying a few new things.  Due to the heat, I want my plants to be a bit more drought tolerant, in case I need to leave them to their own devices for a few days.  In order to accomplish this I’m top watering once a day instead of filling the reservoirs.  I’m also trying a few new varieties this year – determinate, rather than indeterminate.  I specifically chose varieties that are supposed to do well in containers.  Finally, I’m trying a new type of fertilizer, Vganics.  How is it working so far?  Check out my plants at the end of May.  And here they are now:

They’ve taken off beautifully!

So far, all the varieties are doing well.

They’re so tall it’s like a little green fence.

I had resolved to stick with only three varieties this year, but you know what they say about the best laid plans…

This is the Cosmonaut Volkov. It’s a full-sized indeterminate variety.

I bought these seeds four years ago, and haven’t seen them since. Hopefully the CV will produce well enough this year that I can save some seeds of my own.

The Pineapple tomato is also an indeterminate variety.

The Pineapple is the only plant I didn’t start from seed. I saw it in the Co-op greenhouse and I just couldn’t resist buying one for my porch.

The Green Sausage tomatoes are determinate. They’re blossoming like crazy.

The leaves are long and thin, curving downward in a way that reminds me of weeping willows.

They have also been the first to start fruiting.

The Czech Bush variety, also determinate, is extremely stout and sturdy.

They are so stout that they barely need staking.

Finally we have the Silvery Fir Tree, the third determinate variety.

The leaves are very delicate and lacy, hence the name.

They haven’t started fruiting yet, but there are an encouraging number of blossoms.

If you’re interested in getting more variety in your tomato selection, I get my seeds here.  What kind of tomatoes are you growing?


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