CSA Solutions (5)

Posted on August 6, 2012


I look at this table and I think Gazpacho.

There are no words to express the tender sweetness of fresh local corn on the cob.


The fifth lesson: Appliances are your friends.  A dehydrator will let you store just about anything but lettuce until next year.  You can make zucchini chips, fruit leather, and “sun” dried tomatoes.  A big jar of dehydrated veggies is a great starting point for winter soups or casseroles.  A blender can be used to make smoothies, cold soups, and pestos.  Anything you can eat raw can be run through a juicer for a healthy snack, and the pulp can be added to baked goods too!

Note: The appliance brands I linked to were chosen randomly.  Choose whichever ones you prefer, or, as often happens with appliances, the   ones you can get a good deal on.  Just don’t forget that cheap sometimes means easy to break.  If you plan on using something daily, or even weekly, it might be worth saving up for the nicer model.

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