Who do I think I am?

Hi there.  I’ve been neglecting this About page for a while, and I think now is the time to change things up.

First, the basics: My name is Laura and I work at a Co-op.  I work at the Co-op for several reasons.  I care very much about food; how it is grown, bred, cared for, and produced.  I’m concerned about the people involved in our production systems; how they are paid, represented, and treated.  I support the business model.   A community is much stronger when it supports its farmers and controls its own food supply chain.  I’m also concerned about the effect of chemicals and waste production on our environment.  Plus, I love to cook, and all the best tasting and most interesting ingredients in town are available at the Co-op.

On a more personal note, I’m a writer.  I love language and expressing myself through the written word.  I enjoy teaching people things and giving them new information.  That’s why I love to post.  In addition, I  have a passion for learning.  That’s why I love to read your comments.

If you would like permission to use any of my articles, recipes, or photos, or if you think someone else might be using any of these things without my permission, please contact me at: l.coffee.designs@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting me.

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