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Beanless Vegetable Chili

July 28, 2013


The title of this post alone might be enough to send some die-hard chili fans into apoplectic fits. Not only is this chili meatless, it doesn’t even contain beans. You might find yourself wondering why I would even make a chili excluding the two most common ingredients – it’s simple. Sometimes you just have things […]

Beer Stew

December 18, 2011


It’s cold outside.  Not in that nostalgic snow day kind of way either.  It’s just that inconvenient kind of cold where you begin piling on the layers, thinking of excuses to avoid any social engagement that requires leaving your home, and start wondering if it’s possible to teach your dog to use a litter box.  […]

Forks Over Knives

October 10, 2011


As someone who is very interested in food and the environment, I find myself watching a lot of documentaries.  While most of them cover a limited range of topics (food, production, health, environmental issues), they all approach the subject differently.  Each filmmaker has their own viewpoint, personality, biases, and style. If you are new to […]