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What is a GMO… And why are they in my food?

February 26, 2011


In Michigan, come March and April, you may find yourself bombarded with displays of seeds and gardening supplies at pretty much every store around. Spring is the time to start thinking about what to plant in that lovely summer escape known simply as “Your Garden”.  But later as all those farms and gardens are starting […]

Vegan Sushi

February 24, 2011


My month-long experiment with Veganism continues.  Last night’s dinner was a great example of how fun and delicious vegan food can be.  Sushi is a tricky dish.  It takes a long time to master and a lifetime to perfect.  I haven’t managed to do either of those things.  Still, I do know how to make […]

She’s making a list.

February 22, 2011


Every year I grow the same things: Tomatoes, peas and/or beans, chives, basil, salad greens and sunflowers.  But I also like to experiment with new varieties and plants when I have the space.  (My garden lives in buckets on a pretty small balcony.)  Last year I tried cantaloupes and purple green beans.   The cantaloupes […]

Michigan Winter

February 18, 2011


Winter is not the enemy; it’s just another season with its own ups and downs. Admittedly- for these ups and downs you need four-wheel drive- but still! Michigan has a lot going for it if you take the time to look. We create an amazing variety of products in this sate, and many of them […]

Vegan Chai Scones

February 15, 2011


Yesterday I decided to try my hand at vegan scones.  I was inspired by a recipe from the awesome Cooking for Geeks.  I hesitate to call it a cookbook, because it’s more than that.  Either way, it’s a great book for anyone interested in the science behind cooking and I highly recommend it.  The original […]

Mediterranean Mint Salad

February 13, 2011


I first came up with this recipe two summers ago, when lettuce was plentiful and salads were getting boring.   And lettuce doesn’t take well to cooking, so what else can you do?  It might be a little harder to track down the fresh mint this time of year, but today I’m in the mood […]

What’s this all about?

February 12, 2011


Where to begin?  I suppose I’ll start with the name.  I’ve been using the term to describe myself for awhile now.  None of the traditional labels- omnivorous, vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, etc.- really seemed to describe my approach to food and eating.  I googled the term last night before creating this blog and it turns out […]