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Pretty Little Carrots, All in a Row

April 11, 2012


On Sunday I planted carrots.  First I divided the bed in two with a small fence, as the other half will eventually be planted in melons.  I had left my measuring tape in another coat, but luckily I had two 4 foot poles in the car and was able to estimate the row spacing fairly […]

Hippie Quiz

July 30, 2011


Ok I don’t normally post things like this, but c’mon.  I just had to! The Hippie Quiz   You are 58% hippie.   You’re near the middle of the spectrum, but you’ve got an open mind. Society needs more people like you. Are you a hippie?Take More Quizzes Honestly, I came out lower than I […]


June 15, 2011


Earlier today I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about ice cream.  He asked if I had ever tried the ice cream from Thomas Organic Creamery.  I said yes, and told him about my Peaches and Ice Cream post.  I did a quick google for “The Ethitarian” so I could show him […]

Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets

March 12, 2011


In early February the USDA approved the planting and production of genetically engineered sugar beets.  The first crop will be planted this spring.  Unlike previous GMO approvals there was no Environmental Impact Study (EIS) done in this case.  Or rather, there is one, but it hasn’t been completed yet and the approval was granted anyway. […]

The GMO Dilemma

March 5, 2011


Welcome to part two in my series on Genetically Modified Organisms. In the last article I discussed how transgenic GMO plants and seeds are created by combining DNA from different species to create a new organism. Now I would like to cover some of the concerns that have been raised about widespread use of this […]

She’s making a list.

February 22, 2011


Every year I grow the same things: Tomatoes, peas and/or beans, chives, basil, salad greens and sunflowers.  But I also like to experiment with new varieties and plants when I have the space.  (My garden lives in buckets on a pretty small balcony.)  Last year I tried cantaloupes and purple green beans.   The cantaloupes […]

Mediterranean Mint Salad

February 13, 2011


I first came up with this recipe two summers ago, when lettuce was plentiful and salads were getting boring.   And lettuce doesn’t take well to cooking, so what else can you do?  It might be a little harder to track down the fresh mint this time of year, but today I’m in the mood […]